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CCleaner APK for Android latest version 2021 Free Download

ccleaner download apk
Written by Rabia

CCleaner APK for Android 5.1 acquaints some extraordinary new highlights with both the free and paid versions. So you can improve battery execution from your cell phone or tablet while also upgrading your security and protection.

Need to ensure your device is as secure as conceivable yet not certain where to start? This tool evaluates the settings on your gadgets and recommends basic changes in accordance with the assistance. You stay secure, for instance.

Eliminating photographs from your private, advanced discussions:

You can believe what you share with your loved ones yet on the off chance that a hacker accesses your device, their aims won’t be so acceptable. CCleaner for Android encourages you to recognize shared pictures and eliminate them.

Setting which applications gain admittance to your location.

Some applications need to utilize the location services on your Android device to work appropriately yet that doesn’t mean you need them to get to your location consistently. CCleaner for Android records the applications that utilization this component on your handy. So you can rapidly pick the consents for everyone, and oversee your protection, and let loose some significant preparing power.

Security Tips for Android users.

Discover Security Tips in the hamburger menu (the three little, level lines in the upper left part of your phone or tablet screen) when you open CCleaner for Android.

If you’ve chosen to upgrade, you will exploit CCleaner for Android’s brand new Battery Saver feature, so you can make profiles that kick in naturally and extend the battery life of your device. Download free CCleaner APK from below download button.

Screenshots of CCleaner APK

Additional Features CCleaner APK

For each profile, you can set various guidelines that will oversee your device’s sound, screen break, network to wi-fi, Bluetooth, or mobile date.


Utilize the Google Maps module to pick a particular location and set a range of only a couple feet to up to 6 miles, in which your profile’s settings will initiate.

Wi-fi or Bluetooth association status

Trigger profiles dependent on whether your Bluetooth or wi-fi link is off or on. In case, they’re associated with an explicit device or network.

Optimize Battery level with CCleaner APK

Mark out explicit battery levels, or if your device is charging, as triggers for any profiles you’ve set up.

Any combinations of the above

You can join different principles to make genuinely complex automation with your device. For instance, in case you’re worried about battery life while all over, you could set your device as far as possible how long your screen can remain on at whatever point your battery hits half, yet to eliminate those cutoff points at whatever point you’re at home or your office with a close by charger.

Added support for Android’s Dark Mode

Appreciate additionally seeing comfort in darker environments. CCleaner for Android presently completely bolsters this element and can change itself to oblige the Dark Mode subject. Dark Mode is accessible on Android 10 devices (or more).


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