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Hola VPN for Android (APK) Latest version ARM7A_1.178.155 Download

Hola VPN for Android
Written by Rabia

Hola Free VPN (also called Hola higher Internet) could be a navigation tool for Android. That has two terribly fascinating features. First, it will enable you to navigate quickly and save your 3G rate, due to computer address caching, a trick it uses to compress up to seventy p.c of HTTP.

About Hola Better internet

Additionally, Hola Free VPN permits you to access any content while not a regional restriction of any kind. Due to its VPN service, you’ll be able to visit any online page without concern of it being blocked, like once the player or page says, Sorry. However, this content isn’t obtainable in your country.


As is common with this kind of application. Hola Free VPN needs superuser permissions to operate. That’s to mention, you will need to possess a rooted device. So, as to learn from all the services offered (though you’ll be able to simply notice a rooting application on Droidhelper).

Hola Free VPN (Hola higher Internet) is a wonderful complement to your default Android browser. As a result of not solely can it enable you to browse quicker. However, it’ll additionally provide you with the flexibility to access web content that may preferably be blocked in your region.


Technical Information of Hola VPN for Android

RequirementsRequires Android 2.3 or higher
latest versionARM7A_1.178.155
Package Nameorg.hola

Global internet user

 In case, you’re like most net users, you’ve most likely run into websites or content that’s protected by geo-blocking. This implies that the content is simply obtainable inbound locations and for those who try and access it outside of that location, it’s much not possible. With Hola Free VPN, however, it’s a straightforward task that takes no time in the least. Hola Free VPN rotates between proxy servers, finding one that permits you to access otherwise restricted content. Users will modification the country manually and access sites outside of their country.

Different ways to connect of Hola VPN for Android

Hola Free VPN may be used on each mobile and desktop. Mobile users are going to be ready to download an associate all-new browser designed specifically for using Hola, whereas desktop and laptop computer users will download the Hola extension for browsers like chrome. Whichever thanks to connecting, you’ll be ready to browse the web without boundary lines.

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