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Download Sony Mobile Flasher (latest version)

sony flash tool
Written by Saad

 The Sony Flash Tool is the only S1 flashing software, that is working on the Sony phones from X10 to Xperia Z Ultra. They all use the S1 conventional for flashing firmware.

This program was originally made to flash sin records downloaded by SEUS or PCC. Because of an order line device composed by Bin4ry (Andreas Makris), I brought a UI to sin documents flashing.
We cooperated to add more highlights to the device, for example, rooting methods implementation or TA backup. At that point, I accepted the lead and got some guidance and help from him sometimes on certain features like rom cleaner or boot loader opening.

Occasionally, sin documents have been packaged into what is currently notable Sony Flash Tool Firmwares and more features have been executed. Even now, The flashing firmware is the center of Flashtool. It is refreshing, at any rate, to chase after Sony enhancements sin records and the explanation of its name.

Flashtool can likewise effectively open the bootloader of the android phone. And so, using the BLU symbol to the extent the boot loader of your phone is unlockable. The flashing feature acts like the start-up booting software, whether the device is allowing it to access the device or not. What is just obligatory for flashing is to claim the FTF files as per the device you need to flash it on.

Flashtool can effectively open the bootloader of the phone. Therefore use the BLU symbol to stretch the bootloader your phone is unlockable. The flashing highlight acting as the boot loader open feature, whether the phone is allowing it to access or not by the application. What is just obligatory for flashing is to claim the FTF files and USB drivers as per the device you need to flash it on.

For what reason should I use Sony Flash Tool?

  • Once the boot loader opened, the official Sony tool doesn’t work any longer.
  • Utilizing the official Sony tool, you can just redesign. No downgrade conceivable.
  • Utilizing the flash tool, you can pick what to flash and what not to flash. All things considered, many rooting situations are accessible inferring part, just as downsize to recover a fixed rooting exploit and afterwards flashback the correct portion.

Did you say opening bootloader?

This cycle offers you the chance to flash custom ROMs, for example, CyanogenModROMs.I welcome you to visit the FXP Project that carries CM to Xperia device.

The different features of the flash tool are,

  • Root your device
  • Introduce recovery, busy box, custom parts
  • Clean your Rom (eliminate/framework/applications of your decision) (Be cautious, except if you truly understand what you do, don’t modify the default list. This can make your phone stuck at the SE Logo)
  • Clear Dalvik cache
  • Streamline (installs of JIT v2) (module for 2.1 phones just from 2010 line)
  • Tweak (install applications found in the custom/applications folder of the flash tool)
  • Alter any content record on the device
  • Rebrand your device

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