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Download Universal ADB Driver

Download Universal ADB Driver
Written by Saad

If you end up being something beyond a casual client of Android devices or suppose an enthusiast, at that point you should know about numerous technical parts of it. One of the popular attributes of Android is ADB.  If you have any flashed custom ROMs and you want to root your device, at that point definitely you have run over the idea of ADB. It is an idea identifying with the USB troubleshooting of the device. You need to play out specific activities using ADB. To do as such, you must have to install it on your PC. Thus, in this post, we will tell you the best way to Download Universal ADB Driver. At the point when we state general, it particularly bolsters all the devices out there.

Later in this guideline article, firstly you can download all the versions of Universal ADB including the current version. We have set up the download links and an installation manual to assist you with installing it. It’s quite simple to follow.

The ADB is..?

Nowadays, as our readers base includes Android users of different levels, we will clarify quickly what is the issue here, what ADB is all about. If, you don’t realize ADB is the abbreviation for Android Debug Bridge. It is no advanced science except for is a basic part of Android phones.

ADB is an adaptable order line based tool that helps out of you for performing different device actions through ADB commands.  In this android application debugging/troubleshooting and installing actions are include it. This tool gives to the access to a Unix shell dependent on which we can run a variety of commands on a device. You will execute these ADB commands via a command-line control or Command brief.

ADB is a customer service program that consists of three parts A customer, which can send commands to daemon (adbd). The customer also runs on the advancement machine. You can conjure a customer from an ADB command. At that point besides comes a daemon (adbd), which runs the commands on a device. It’s a background cycle on every device. At the end, third comes a server, which makes a bridge between the client and the daemon also manage communication between them.

To download all versions of universal ADB driver from available here

You can download the necessary versions of ADB on your device from here. We recommended installing the latest version of ADB.

Just look out the guideline steps on how to install the Universal ADB. Before that, there are some things that you’re going to need for installation. We have listed them beneath. Check that out.


  • Android device
  • You must have enabled USB Debugging on your Android phone.
  • Window PC/Laptop
  • A USB cable
  • Universal ADB on your PC (latest version suggested).

How to install ADB drivers

  1. To download the latest ADB zip folder from the download section area.
  2. Unzip and retrieve the .exe file.
  3. To Launch the ADB exe file.
  1. Are you sure you’ve connected your Android device. Confirm
  2. Your device will be detected.
  3. Just click on Install. That’s all.

Anyway, what are you sitting tight for..? In case that you tinker around your Android phone, at that point, you should need to use the ADB. In this way, download the Universal ADB driver and perform different actions by using this tool. Install it and enjoy this application.

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