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Viber for Android

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Written by Rabia
  • version 2020:
  • Operating System: Android
  • Developer Name: Rakuten
  • Downloads: 500,000,000+
  • Category: Communication Tool

Introduction Viber Messenger:

With numerous Instant Messaging and VoIP apps available. What makes Viber so special, and does one actually need it? Download Viber for Android

For beginners, over a billion people are using it around the world. This is often important for Viber texts and calls are totally free. When it is Viber-to-Viber communication.

The other features are including:

  • Full HD quality video and audio calls
  • All calls and messages are end to end encrypted
  • Create groups chat
  • Synchronize mobile and window application
  • Transfer video/audio calls from mobile to desktop
  • Share emoji’s, documents, files, pictures, GIFs

The Uses of Viber For Desktop:

Viber doesn’t have an independent desktop app. To use it, you’ll also get to download it for your Android devices. Gratefully, it’s very easy to urge started.

  • Click on the DOWNLOAD button within the sidebar to go to the Viber home page.
  • The app for windows and mac to download.
Viber android app
  • To install the program then a popup window with use QR code will open on your screen.
viber for free download

Viber for Android

  • To press the MORE icon bottom top right side of your phone application list.
  • To press the QR icon on the right corner.
apk viber download
  • Now scan the QR code then it will rapidly sync between the devices.

Viber for Android All in One communication Tool

When it involves connecting people, Viber can literally roll in the hay all.

  • It’s easy to free video and audio calls to other Viber users around the world.
  • Viber provides Insanely cheap prices to form international Viber to Phone calls.
  • Secret chat messages will self-destruct after being read. The Viber has that feature.
  • Set up an area telephone number within the US, UK, and Canada which will receive phone calls and SMS messages for a flat low rate.

How to Send Personalized Viber Sticker

Like other popular messenger applications, you send a good range of emojis and GIFs to share your emotions, feelings, or simply to urge amusement. But where Viber stands apart is in its sticker game. you’ll either just doodle on a blank canvas, or on an image, and add in icons and emojis, and it’s several editing features to urge the right sticker.
How to create Viber Stickers

viber calling apk
To decorate your picture use fun elements.

Is Viber secure or not :

Viber uses securely encrypted for all messages and phone calls. this suggests that the corporate has no thanks for reading your messages, whether or not they are sent to one contact or during a group.

This also protects you from receiving harmfully targeted ads that are based on your conversations, which happens when using other messaging platforms, like Facebook.

If you would like to be extra secure, you’ll send messages using the key Chat feature. It allows you to line a timer to quickly format the message, it restricts message are not forwarding, and it’ll provide you with a warning if the recipient attempts to screenshot the message. The secret messages feature is only available on iPhone and Android smartphones.

Alternatives to Viber for Android

While Viber is one of the foremost popular apps, if your friends and family contacts aren’t using it, you’ll want to see out one among these alternatives.


It’s so important to know that “Skyping” used as a verb that people often use to ask for video calling someone. It offers many features for video and audio calls, conference calls, file transfers, group chats, and may make inexpensive calls to non-Skype phone numbers.


With the overflow of a billion users, WhatsApp is nowadays the foremost popular messaging app within the world. Unlike Viber and Skype, you’ll only send messages or call users within the WhatsApp network. It also chose to only specialize in messaging and calls, and stand back from all the additional features that you’ll find with the competition.


The telegram gives no option for video calling. It does have only encrypted voice calls and texting, self-destructing messages, and a desktop mode. The number of the standout features are the groups, channels, and Supergroups that you simply can join.

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