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What is an Android App? Distribution and installation of an App

What is an Android App?
Written by Rabia

Android App is a software design attractively as well as helpful application. Also, this app runs on an Android device or emulator. Additionally, the term APK files represent the Android package. This file may be a zip archive containing app code, resource, and meta info.

Android apps have written in Kotlin, Java, and C++ languages. Also, these languages have run within Virtual Machine. The official development surrounding is Android Studio.

Distribution And installation

Apps are commonly distributed via app markets like Google Play Store. Therefore it’s possible to allow installation from APK file or through USB connection in device settings.

To install or distribute APK in stores, it ought to have a singular package name (e.g., keep within the meta-information. information. Once installed, this name registered with Package Manager. Additionally, the published app on Google Play, package name will be seen within the URL:

A command-line driver tool ADB( Android Device Bridge) used to download and install the app. The tool may be a part of the Android SDK and is invoked by Android Studio once running the app.

Managing apps using ADB Driver

Firstly, install the app through connected Android App or Emulator.

adb install -r file_name.apk
  • Only three steps are involved.
  • The option “r” enable updating the existing App.
  • After installation process, apps are refrencing their name like (e.g.,
  • Uninstall app
adb uninstall
  • Just list installed apps’ package names
adb shell pm list packages -3
  • The third option used to omit system apps and list third-party apps.

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