First, we would like to share some basic instructions to flash or install stock ROM Firmware. We are using the Smart Phone Flash Tool for Mediatek devices. Besides, we recommended you take a backup of your data before using the SP tool. Below is the step by step guideline for how to use SP Flash Tool for flashing the stock firmware.


  • The Personal Computer with Windows XP/7. Vista is not allowed although Windows 8 and Windows 10 are stable.
  • Firstly, download and installs the drivers adapted to your mobile phone from the “Software” folder located on your PC. After, restart your PC once installed.
  • Next, check if the device recognized your PC once. It is connected and switched on
  • Activate debugging mode in your device settings.
  • Additionally, check the battery 100% charged.
  • Check that you’ve downloaded the right ROM. In case, you have a doubt, do not Flash ROM.
  • Next, install the Flash ROM utility program present in the “Software” folder. After, Extract the folder.
  • This operation is quick and easy but problems coming with MTK Preloader VCOM drivers from Windows. In case, you do it too fast. So, take some time, be patient.
  • Save all your data, your device will be reset
  • USB cable connected to an available USB port.
  • Unzipper software such as 7zip for example.

Process of How to use SP Flash Tool

Firstly, you should prepare your device by Switch off it, remove the battery. And, connecting your PC through USB. Put it face down and protect the screen with a rag for example. Next, Put the battery, you can use it later. Once your device connected, the pilot installed on your PC. There is no yellow exclamation mark also, check-in Windows’ “Device Manager”. In case the process does not continue, uninstall the pilot. Must clean up the ports with USBDeview. you can resolve a conflict that will happen due to a previous version of MTK Driver. If everything is done, you should continue.

Sp flash tool mediatek

Just open the folder SP Flash Tool and execute Flash_tool.exe in administrator mode: Click right and select Execute as administrator.

Sp flash tool flashing

Next, the SP Flash Tool window will open. You want to install ROM on a smartphone device. you needed to Scatterloading, to search the file Scatter. Select it and press “Open”, all ROM’s files downloaded. UNCHECK THE FIRST LINE NAMED PRELOADER, you can avoid a brick.

Mediatek flashing guideline

Press the green arrow Download, un pop up open after select OK.

Sp flash tool download

Fastly replace the battery, ROM files’ transfer launched. The red bar becomes yellow and a green circle displayed. This shows everything has been done correctly.

Congrats. You can disconnect your Smartphone device, just restart it and enjoy.

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