MTK IMEI Tool allows you to write the IMEI number on cell phones that sudden spike in demand for MediaTek based Chipset. This device also helped to the tablets. As an additional favourable advantage, it likewise underpins Feature Phones running on MediaTek. We have set up the download link for the device. Likewise, we have expressed how you have to use this tool for your device to sweep or re-write the current IMEI on your device. You can Download MTK IMEI Tool from below download button.

Download Latest MTK IMEI Tool

Those of you who may not be knowledgeable with the more profound tech parts of a cell phone, we should speak somewhat about IMEI. Worldwide Mobile Equipment Identity or IMEI number is a 16-digit extraordinary serial number that particularly distinguishes your cell phone. This is a significant part of the cell phone. As it gives the uniqueness remainder of a cell phone, the lawfulness specialists’ authority can use this to detect this device if it is stolen.

Additionally, whenever somebody uses a device for hostile to social exercises, he/she can be followed using the IMEI number. If, you don’t think about your own device’s IMEI number, basically go to your phone dialer and type *#06#. It will show your device’s IMEI on the retail box. Nowadays if you purchase an android smartphone, you can see the IMEI number on the retail box. Continuously be cautious that, not to openly uncover your device’s IMEI number otherwise, it might be abused.

List of compatible OS(MTK IMEI Tool )

It’s consistently critical to realize which all operating systems are compatible with it before using this tool. On account of the MTK IMEI Writer Tool, here is the rundown of compatible operating systems.

  • Windows XP/Vista
  • Windows 7/8/8.1/10(32 & 64-bit)

To download MTK IMEI tool

The download link is below for the IMEI Writer tool for MediaTek empowered devices.

File information

File name
File size 6 MB
File type application/x-zip-compressed/Zip
Version v 1.0.01

The process of MTK IMEI Writer Tool

Before starting to perform anything you must have sure about it that, you have the right tools. We have listed below the same in the requirements section.


  • The device(pc/laptop, smartphone) you are using must run on MediaTek chipset
  • A PC/Laptop (running Windows OS)
  • USB cable
  • Depending on your device, you must install the required device driver.
  • You must know about the IMEI number of your device. You can see it on the retail box of the device.


  1. To Download the IMEI Writer Tool and install the correct USB Driver is installed,
  2. Then connect it to your Android Device to the PC using the USB data cable. After that, your device gets detected by the computer,
  3. Just Open the MTK IMEI Writer Tool,
  4. Press on the Scan button to scan the existing IMEI number on your device.
  5. As per the requirements, you can be also writing the existing IMEI number on your device. In case you want you can also write a new IMEI number on your device running on MediaTek processor.
  6. You must receive the correct 16 digits of IMEI number of your device and fill it in the IMEI section area.
  7. If your smartphone has space for dual-core SIM slot, then you can have to enter 2 different IMEI number in IMEI 1 and IMEI 2 section.

So finally it’s all about, friends. In case you need a tool that comes in mobile phone for you to check for the IMEI numbers on your devices powered with MediaTek chipsets, then you go for the MTK IMEI Writer tool. We hope this guideline was helpful to you.

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