With Telegram For Android, you’ll produce cluster chats with up to two hundred individuals thus you’ll keep connected with everybody right away. Additionally, you’ll share videos up to 1GB, send multiple pictures online. And forward any media you receive in a rapid. Also, all of your messages are within the cloud, thus you’ll simply access them from any of your devices.

Telegram’s security features allow making personal chats with alternative users. This means telegram servers are not saved your conversation. Besides, you’ll be able to activate a ‘self-destruct’ feature in order. So, that your messages square measure erased each X quantity of your time.

Screenshot of Telegram For Android

Android Developers never sleep

85% of  Telegram message users are a unit on Android. Our chief executive officer is disquieted that, if ignored, this population will begin a rebellion and divest him. To please the mob, he created to introduce the subsequent  options to the Android app:

Messages from one sender area unit currently showing neatness classified along, and scrolling up shows the date directly, creating the chats easier to navigate.

Additionally, the app currently restores your previous scroll position once you switch back to a talk. Also, terribly helpful once someone sends you an adventure story in one thousand messages.  You wish to with patience  scan them within the right order.

  • Sharing files (a feature we have a tendency to had since forever) has become easier. As a result, you see a listing of recently downloaded files right on the sharing screen.
  • We currently support GBoard, the Google keyboard that may apparently send cat GIFs.
  • And for those a pair of users that have already got Android 7.1 put in. We have a tendency to area unit happy to announce that we’ve accessorial a quick action menu with frequent chats to your home screen. All hail the first adopters!
  • Back to the vital stuff: the cowboy, the clown, and also the sick face emoji have found their thanks to Android devices. We have a tendency to support all of them currently.

What do these emoji mean? Once area unit you purported to use them? Is that the form of ‘emoji’ indeed ‘emojis’?. To answer of these queries with utmost accuracy, Additionally, we have accessorial support for the question emoji.

Chat Folder And More

  • Organize chats into Chat Folders if you’ve got too several chats.
  • Create custom folders with versatile settings, and to use default recommendations.
  • Pina limitless variety of chats in every folder.
  • Swipe between folders to simply access all of your chats.
  • View elaborate statistics regarding the expansion of your channels. Also, the performance of their posts.
  • Send dice: to any chat to undertake your luck and acquire a random variety from the animated dice.

Other version

  • Hold the ‘Send’ button to schedule messages in any chat and reminders in ‘Saved Messages’.
  • Customize your app’s look by selecting accent colors for the ‘Mono’ and ‘Dark’ themes.
  • Create new themes that supported your color and wallpaper selections.
  • Share your themes via links and update them for all users once you amend one thing.
  • Send one ?, ?, ?, ?, ? or ? to induce a lot of animated emoji.
  • Added transfer link for Windows moveable.

Additional Features of Telegram For Android.

  • Telegram for Android devices has currently reached version 5.0 and received a serious overhaul within the style department. It’s currently a lot easier to access shared media from the profiles of users, teams, and channels.
  • Crowdsource is a cloud-based language pack for Telegram users. However, our Translations platform – then apply it in real-time.
  • instant-read a 2.0. Also, view websites instantly with support for a lot of kinds of content.
  • Additionally, new style for profiles, notifications, and sounds, and general settings. Profile pages provide fast access to shared media.
  • Crisp previews, accumulated loading speed, and a lot of data in shared content sections.
  • Swipe navigation once viewing image documents.

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